Parents Of Suicide
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Randi R. & Elena
New York
Mother & Sister of

Lloyd Carson
Pekin, Illinois
ICQ # 83216585
Father of
Stephen "Toby" Carson (27)

My name is Lloyd. I am 52 years old and retired from Caterpillar Inc. after working 30 years as a union member. My wife's name is Bev and we have been married for 33 years. We have four surviving children; Lloyd Daniel (31), April Leigh (27), David Andrew (20), and Jacob Kyle (18). We live in Pekin, IL. which is the home town of Astronaut Scott Altman who recently piloted the space shuttle Atlantis. My main hobby is working on my family's genealogy.

Karyl Chastain Beal
Pavo, Georgia
Mother of

I am a teacher --- fifth grade. Ronnie and I got married in 1970, and we created 2 children. Ron was born in 1974, and Arlyn was born in 1978.

Bob & Lynda Humphreys
Watford, Hertfordshire, England
Father & Mother of

Glennis Hunter (in Black)
Christchurch, New Zealand
Mother of

Janine Chappell (in Red)
New Zealand
Mother of

Sharon Throop
Geneva, OH
ICQ# 7513966
Mother of
Wendy Lynne Sunderlin (19)

This is Bill & Wendy & Sharon, the last picture of us taken in October of 96 a couple of weeks before Wendy came home to die. We live on a small farm and I am an office administrator for a material handling distributor and Bill is a machinist for a large transmission company. We currently have 4 cats, 1 horse and 6 chickens on our farm. We live across the road from where the cemetery that Wendy is buried, so we visit with her often. Bill & I have been married for 14 years this December and I am 49 y/o and Bill is 58 y/o. Our lives do not consist of very much these days, but holding on and trying to help others on this rocky road that we have found ourselves on.

Irene Petit
Niceville, Fl
Mother of
MJ (Martin Joseph) (21)

Irene Petit of Niceville, FL and my son MJ (Martin Joseph). This was our last pic taken together on his 21st birthday, April 25th, 1999. Five days later, Dave and I were married. Seven weeks after our wedding, on June 14th, 1999, my only son MJ died from a self-inflicted GSW to his head. Look at the happiness on my face in these pics...I now look about ten years older. I have two
daughters, aged 23 and 20, a two year old grandson from MJ, and Dave and I have custody of my youngest daughter's two year old son and nine month old daughter. I also have four small dogs (Dave calls them rats!) and a cat named Morris Man, who I nursed and cared for from the time he was one week old, as his mother died. Although he's a big old Tom now, he still kneads me with his sharp claws and thinks I'm his mother. I have a lot to be thankful for, but will never feel that old happiness I had when my family was whole. Peace and Love.

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